How To Curb Your Spending Over The Weekend


It’s been a long week.  You’ve worked all day long, and your productivity level was through the roof!  You stuck to your budget, packed your lunch and made cheap, versatile meals for dinner each night.  It was exhausting!

Now, it’s the weekend.  A chance for a mental break – to relax or have fun.  A chance to finally get some work done around the house.  It’s okay – you’ve earned it, truly.  Be aware, taking a mental break from one aspect of life may make it easier to unwittingly take a break on other things.  That’s where you can get into trouble with your spending.

The ‘vacation’ mentality is difficult to avoid, especially if you’ve put all of your energy into a facet of your life.  The vacation mentality is what can permeate your life over the weekend, and your frugal spending habits can altogether disappear.

So, how can you avoid this weekend disaster?

Set aside cash for the weekend.  Understand that you won’t be putting as much thought into your spending, so write a list of everything you plan on purchasing, and take out cash for those intended purchases.  If you do this, you’ll preliminarily establish mental cues to keep your spending in line even when your heart isn’t in it.

Buy any weekend “treats” beforehand.  Establish a plan for your relaxation, so you’re not planning in the throes of ‘vacation.’  Just like it’s a mistake to go to the store when you’re hungry – it’s never a good idea to purchase rewards when you’re feeling like you need to be rewarded.  In both cases, it’s a recipe for overspending and regret when you come to your senses.

Enjoy the weekend, and stay smart!


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